Our Story

About us

Welcome! Sash & Sage is a Singapore-based label for babies and children aged zero to six.

We believe in keeping clothes simple in a world filled with a riot of patterns, loud prints and garish colours. We design each piece to allow children to look chic and effortless while remaining comfortable, and leaving room for their own unique personalities to shine.

Our collection consists of minimalistic and soft, muted-tone essentials that are contemporary and timeless. We use only the best materials to ensure everyday comfort and practicality, while making sure that our pieces are affordable.

We hope your little ones enjoy our pieces as much as we loved making it for them!

Behind the Brand

Sash & Sage is founded by 2 cousins, Sarah and Grace.

The inspiration for Sash & Sage came following an unfruitful shopping trip for simple, chic and affordable clothing for our niece. We found the clothing available on the market to either be too messy with their loud prints, embellishments and frills, or simply too expensive. We believe that clothes need not be complicated and so we set off with a desire to create beautifully simple clothing, paying careful attention to the design, material and details of the piece so that it remains contemporary yet timeless, and loved throughout generations.

The word “Sash” comes from the name of Sarah’s fur baby, Sasha (who is also the inspiration behind our logo), and the word “Sage” is a tribute to Grace’s daughter, Keira Sage.